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International Tiger Day: How You Can Make a Difference

Happy International Tiger Day! We are happy to celebrate these beautiful creatures because they mean a lot to us at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge. They have become our family throughout the years, and today, we want to help people look beyond the stripes to help educate about tigers and how amazing they are for the planet and our natural habitat. It’s our duty to help protect and remove tigers from poor living conditions and let them live the remainder of their lives in peace.


Tigers are slowly disappearing due to loss of habitat and human interference, and we need to start focusing on this issue. Left with just 5% of the range where they used to roam, tigers are losing their homes to deforestation, infrastructure, and other human disturbances forcing them into rapidly diminishing pockets of nature. Another issue tigers face is poaching. Just like elephants, poachers simply hunt tigers for fun and take their fur coats as trophies or to sell their coats for profit. 

These magnificent cats are going missing, and we need to help preserve their habitats or find proper relocation services because they are essential for Earth’s ecosystem and food chain. Because tigers serve as apex predators, and the largest carnivore in their ecosystem, they control natural prey populations. This in turn controls primary producers (vegetation) eaten by tiger prey. Overall, they help maintain those pests in the wild that would otherwise eventually eat all of the vegetation and cause chaos for other feral creatures such as famine and disease. 


Problems also lie in the United States with an estimated 5,000 tigers currently living in captivity. These big cats are kept in people’s homes as pets and in conditions that aren’t right for a wild animal, not to mention the tigers that live in unlicensed zoo’s due to local and state governments turning a blind eye and lowering the standards of who can own an exotic cat.

This International Tiger day we hope to have reminded you why tigers are important to our ecosystem, but also raise awareness as to why PrideRock Wildlife Refuge exists. Tigers deserve life just like other mammals within the wild, and most of our tiger family are rescues that have benefited from help by people like you! 


Did you know that by donating as little as $50, it provides a meal for one tiger? That’s right. Anything you donate can make a huge impact in our effort to save and care for wildlife needing a home. 

Your generous donations are what keeps our tigers safe and well nourished. 

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