Be Their Hero, Be Their Hope. Donate Now.

Be Their Hero, Be Their Hope. Donate Now.

Our Mission

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is committed to combating animal cruelty by offering a sanctuary for unwanted and mistreated wild animals.

Once an animal becomes a part of our refuge, it is embraced by our solemn commitment to a life of safety and care. Big cats, bears, and other exotic wildlife were never meant to be domesticated pets, a reality that often results in tragic outcomes for both the animals and their owners.

We spare no effort or expense to ensure the well-being of our residents.

Fulfilling our mission requires the creation of specialized enclosures and comprehensive care that are essential for the health of each species at PrideRock.

meticulously designed enclosures

recreational activity areas

enrichment spaces

tailored diets

nutritional supplements

veterinary care

Yet, our commitment extends beyond the sanctuary grounds. Recognizing our responsibility to enlighten the public about our mission, PrideRock, while not open to the public due to being a private facility, actively engages in educational initiatives.

Our diverse programs, internships, group projects, and volunteering opportunities serve as channels through which we share our knowledge, aiming to raise awareness about the reasons for our existence and the critical importance of wildlife conservation.

Every donation counts. Donate Today.

Offer Your Time And Help In A More Hands-On Way 


Contribute your skills and passion to the daily care and enrichment of our incredible residents.


Dive into the world of wildlife conservation, gaining hands-on experience that can shape your understanding of and commitment to animal welfare.

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PrideRock Wildlife Refuge was started when Gary and Carol Holliman adopted a pair of Siberian Huskies. Their love for animals grew along with their passion for giving them the best life they could offer.

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