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Do you want to be an intern at PrideRock?

Internships are for a period of three months and a non-paid position. We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to educating themselves about big cats while maintaining very strict safety protocols.

We strive to help interns gain experience and knowledge about big cats in captivity. We have tigers, lions and cougars and some of the job duties will include daily care and diet preparation , cleaning, light maintenance and some behavioral target training.


Minimum 18 years of age

At least 2 years of college study in a related field such as zoology, biology, wildlife management, or related field*

Able to follow detailed instructions

Good physical condition and health, and able to lift at least 50 lbs

You must be drug free

Hard working, able to take initiative, motivated and dedicated

*OR at least 1 year of job experience in a related field, such as a zoo, vet clinic or another sanctuary

Housing/Food Arrangements

Intern housing is provided. No uniforms are provided since we are not open to the public. Comfortable, light-weight clothing in the summer heat is advisable with work boots or tennis shoes. In the winter (Nov. – March), you will need layers of clothing, gloves, and work boots, along with rain gear when needed. You will need to provide your own meals. Interns have an hour-long lunch break each day, for which the times may vary depending on the work scheduled.

Timeframes for Internships

You should hear about the status of your application within 3-4 weeks after the deadline.

Applications are accepted year-round for all terms. Applications received after the deadline may still be considered if the positions have not been filled, but preference will be given to the ones received by the deadlines.

How to apply

Please fill out the application below, sign and return via mail to the address listed in the application.

Documents needed to apply:

Cover letter*


Copy of Driver’s License

Proof of a tetanus shot (within 3 years)

*include previous experience and/or education, why you have chosen PrideRock and what your goals are for the future

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  THERE IS NO DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE CATS except when the cat is sedated for a medical procedure under veterinarian care, and this has to be authorized by management! Direct Contact is defined as: any physical contact including reaching of limbs through gate openings, panels or chain link. Any and all violations involving physical contact with the cats is subject to immediate dismissal from the property. Due to insurance reasons and the welfare and safety of the cats, there are NO exceptions to this policy, except as stated above.


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