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6 Reasons Our Residents Live Their Best Life At PrideRock

Here at PrideRock, we have residents ranging from tigers, lions, bobcats, bears, wolves, and even a hyena. Unfortunately, when an animal has lived its entire life in captivity, it would be negligent to release them back into the wild. So, what’s the next best thing? Life at PrideRock!

Our staff works hard to make their experience as close to living in the wild as we can, which is why we’re sharing today the “6 Reasons Our Residents Live Their Best Life At PrideRock.”

1. Room to Roam

At PrideRock, we create our enclosures to mimic closely what these animals could expect to have in the wild. For our cats, they have grass or dirt to lounge and play around in and platforms for some great sunbathing. We also have pools and tubs for our tigers to soak in on those hot Texas days.

When we welcomed our black bears a few years ago, with the help of generous donations, we created enclosures specifically for them with all of their needs. A hammock for lounging, large pools, long grass, and platforms for them to lounge on.

On top of their outdoor space, each animal has a built-in shelter to cozy up in when the weather takes a turn. Needless to say, our residents have open enclosures that are made to suit their every need.

2. Enrichment Activities

Our animals like to have FUN. In the summer you can find our cats playing in their pools, batting around some play balls and pouncing on the latest cardboard/meat creation that Corey thinks up. We’ve done anything from pulling in some old furniture for them to go wild scratching up and dunking cushions, to the bears having picnics Yogi Bear style.

We also make sure to celebrate major holidays. In the fall, we let our animals play with pumpkins, enjoy a turkey dinner and gift them with fun new toys for Christmas.

3. 24/7 Vet Care

PrideRock animals receive the best in veterinary care. From small procedures like an ingrown claw, to major surgical procedures, it’s our priority to make sure that every animal is taken care of and received medical treatment just like you and me. Our staff is equipped to watch for any changes in our animals’ behavior and alert the vet in an immediate manner.

4. Happy Bellies

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

We rescue animals who come from less-than-ideal living conditions all the time. If an animal was starving before PrideRock, we can assure you that their belly is now satisfied.

Our cats eat a diet of Triple-A Brand Meat from Colorado everyday mixed with a little chicken that we receive from donors. Each cat eats 10lbs of food per day, 6 days a week. If you see any of our tigers laying like an otter, you know why. They’re feeling happy and full.

For the bears, their diets range from nuts and berries to snacks you and I grab from the grocery store.

Everyone at PrideRock is definitely dining in style.

5. Closed To The Public

Unlike other animal sanctuaries and what you saw on “The Tiger King,” PrideRock is closed to the public. We don’t do live animal encounters, entertainment, or provide a zoo-like environment. When an animal comes to PrideRock, they can rest assured that the remainder of their life will be in peace.

Sure, some of our animals were used to human interaction, but they still get that with our trained staffed. For other animals, they may have had a terrible human interaction, so a life in the tranquil trees of East Texas is a dream come true for them.

6. A Staff That Is Dedicated To Providing Them The Best

PrideRock’s trained staff is dedicated to making sure our residents have everything they need. From all of the above and more. We want to make sure that when an animal comes to PrideRock, they instantly know that they will be loved and never have to stress about a thing again.

That about sums it up. Unfortunately, in the last few years, we’ve had to say goodbye to our fur babies as they crossed the rainbow bridge. It’s been a very tough time on our team, but these losses have opened up space at our refuge. If you or someone you know has taken in a wild animal as a pet or know of a big cat who needs a new home, we’ve got the room.

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