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World Lion Day: Help Us Celebrate Leo and Diego

Today we celebrate the king of the safari (or jungle)! Why are they marked as kings of the safari? It is because they are at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. Behind the tiger, lions are the second-largest cat in the world! They weigh between 300 and 550 pounds and can eat up to 40kg of meat in a single meal! This is all due to their impeccable strength so they can catch their prey. 


Here at PrideRock, we have two lions, Leo and Diego!







These two boys have different backgrounds and different personalities, but one thing we know for sure is that they both have a fan club between our volunteers and followers on social media. Leo is our sweet and gentle lion, while Diego still acts like a cub running around his enclosure, playing with his ball and anything else that he can get his paws on.

And interestingly enough, they aren’t exactly the same species. Leo is of Barbary descent, so he has a magnificent mane and is very large.

Fun fact: Did you know a male lions mane can grow up to 16cm long and is a sign of dominance? Also, the older the lion gets, the darker their mane becomes. We feel fortunate to have Leo under our care, because Barbary lions were classified as extinct in the wild back in 1942.  


Just like other big cats, lions still face a lot of  threats in the wild and in captivity. Poachers are known to illegally hunt lions for their coats and manes, while others keep lions as exotic pets with no means to properly take care of them. Not to mention that when the lion reaches adulthood and a person’s living room isn’t exactly the habitat they need to be able to thrive.

This is why we exist. Unfortunately, once an animal has lived in a person’s home or in captivity, it’s irresponsible to release them back into the wild where they aren’t able to hunt and provide for themselves. These animals also become comfortable with human interaction which can cause a threat to people and the animal. PrideRock is a safe haven for these cats that need a home. Lions are not pets and need to reside in a place that knows how to take care of their needs when being in their natural habitat is not an option. 


If you are looking to help support Leo and Diego, anything you donate can make a huge impact in our effort to save and care for wildlife needing a home. 

Your generous donations are what keeps lions safe and well nourished. Also feel free to take part in North Texas Giving Day to support our lions on September 23rd!


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