Be Their Hero, Be Their Hope. Donate Now.

Be Their Hero, Be Their Hope. Donate Now.

Turn Heartbreak Into Hope

Do you dread Valentine’s Day? Had enough of lovey-dovey stuff? Well, we may have the perfect way for you to “celebrate” this year. How? Let’s just say our majestic big cats will help you unleash some wild emotion, for a donation of course.


🥩 $50 – Name a Slab of Meat After Your Ex:

Donate $50, and we’ll give a meat slab a special name – that of your ex! Our tigers will savor the moment, and you’ll get to know there’s something at PrideRock with your ex’s name on it. A symbolic way to say goodbye to the past, all while doing a little good.

📸 $150 – Photo of Your Tiger’s Meal:

For a $150 donation, we’ll capture the culinary experience! Receive a personalized photo of your tiger enjoying the specially named meal. It’s a snapshot of wild revenge and a reminder that even big cats appreciate a good breakup story.

🎥 $350 – Personalized Video of a Cat Feast:

Go all out with a $350 donation! We’ll send you a personalized video featuring a cat relishing the slab of meat named after your ex. It’s your choice whether you want to keep the satisfaction to yourself or share the joyous moment with your friends (or ex.) Totally your call. Either way, it’s an unforgettable experience!

Your donations support PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, providing a safe haven for exotic animals. Ready to roar against romance? Donate now and let the big cats handle the rest!

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