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Big Cats vs. House Cats: They Aren’t Much Different Than We Think

If you’re a cat lover, you have probably seen some similarities in our videos to your own furballs at home. Strangely enough, your domestic cats actually share a lot of commonalities with some of our big cats at PrideRock – besides their size of course. We thought it would be fun to share a few ways that your house cat is actually a lot like a big cat.

They All Love Catnip

Big cats tend to respond to catnip the same way a domestic house cat does. Something about that grass makes them want to roll around. Especially, cougars bobcats, tigers, and lions.

Some Big Cats Even Purr

Cheetahs, cougars, and bobcats all can purr like your domestic cats. When the larynx vibrates, it can make the hyoid bone resonate, generating a low-frequency rumble that we call purring. Remarkably, this noise persists even when the cat breathes in and out.

Head Bumps And Rubs Aren’t Just To Say Hello

When our big cats are feeling friendly, they will come up to the cage and rub up against it. Similar to house cats, they will also “head bump” things in their environment. While we think this is an act of them feeling sweet, they’re actually marking their territory with pheromones.

They Both Keep A Healthy Manicure Regimen

Just like your domestic cat who scratches their scratching post, big cats also will scratch items like a tree trunk. Fun fact, while they do condition their claws this way, they’re actually marketing their territory once again.

No Matter The Size, “If They Fits, They Sits.”

Have you ever pulled out a shoebox at home and 10 seconds later your cat has made it his new bed? The same goes for big cats. There is something about boxes. Whether it’s to feel secure and comforted in an enclosed space or a good hiding place to sneak up on prey, both big and small cats love their boxes.

We hope this brought a smile to your face and a reminder that your ferocious beast sitting on your couch isn’t that much different than our big cats at PrideRock.



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