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PrideRock Rescues Baby Bobcat: Meet 10-Month-Old Babu!

We’re so excited to announce that we have a new resident at PrideRock! Meet 10-month-old bobcat, Babu! She’s a spunky, sweet girl who absolutely loves attention. You can hear her little meows as soon as you walk up to her enclosure. (Imagine the scene in The Lion King where baby Simba is trying to roar.)

Babu came to us from a local vet that received her from a petting zoo. Babu, who weighs 8lbs, will only continue to grow, so it was not safe for her to be in contact with the public. (We expect her to eventually reach around 30lbs.)

We are so thrilled to have Babu as our newest resident, and she is absolutely loved already. Our team is excited to share her journey with you as she grows up as a member of PrideRock.

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