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“Animal Sense” Workshop 2

Saturday March, 28th
PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, TX

PrideRock - Animal Sense Workshop 2

Enjoy a special connection with pets and wildlife! Learn the value of animal communication and natural “earth medicines” for all 4 seasons of life. If you are a pet parent, animal caregiver, or simply a lover of animals and nature, this enlightening full day workshop event will unlock a whole new understanding of caring for the mind, body and spirit of the critters in your life. PLUS, end the day with a special “Storytellers Gathering”.

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By Joshua S. Baldwin

 Joshua S. Baldwin - My Visit to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge

 Joshua S. Baldwin - My Visit to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge

On the 20th of September I visited the refuge center and it was a fun and enjoyable experience. At the beginning I was unsure about the visit. However, when we arrived and I saw the tigers I was very amazed. There were different kinds of tigers: Sumatran, Siberian, Bengal and Royal White. I also saw some lions and cougars.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Corey—who is the manager of the refuge center. One of the most interesting stories Mr. Corey shared with us was about a lioness named Cleo who bit off a tiger’s tail.

The refuge houses 33 wildcats and they are in the process of expanding.

 Joshua S. Baldwin - My Visit to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge

Some of the conservations methods I saw were for: food, shelter, medical care, entertainment and mental support.

Food: the refuge provides food by receiving donations from private stores and community stores like Walmart.

Shelter: The cats are provided with huge cages where they can play, live and exercise.

 Joshua S. Baldwin - My Visit to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge

Medical care: medical care is very expensive, so the refuge operates on grants and private donations to keep the cats healthy.

Entertainment: the cages contain toys that can be torn apart and provide entertainment for the cats. There are also hammocks and resting places where the cats can enjoy a quiet time.

Mental support: Mr. Corey and his staff gives love, protection and attention to the cats. The work around the refuge center is 24/7.

 Joshua S. Baldwin - My Visit to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge

In conclusion, this was a great experience. I learned that the conservations efforts are working well and that the refuge is a safe place for these awesome cats. I also learned that you have to attend college for a certain amount of years and be trained to work in this kind of job.

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